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Gates are the first line of security in protecting your property so making the right choice is essential. An ideal gate must keep out undesired elements while at the same time feel welcoming to others. Then there is the question of maintenance and convenience. A gate need not become a liability by requiring you to manage it. Al Bab can help you find that balance.

Our expert design team can fabriacate gates out of wood, wrought iron, steel, aluminium or even a combination of these to achieve that fine balance between function and aesthetics. While choosing a design one must understand the security, privacy, functionality and appearance needs. Gates come in two traditional designs viz. swing open and slide types. Selecting one requires careful consideration of your needs as well as the available space and resources to manage it's function.

All gates can be automated to conveniently manage it's function. You can choose a remote controlled or promixity based triggers to open and close the gate. Selecting quality parts and experts to assemble the automatic gate can make a world of difference to your home or business.

Swing Gate

Swing open gates is one of the most popular choices. It's cheap, easy to manage and durable. It can be fabricated to practically any specification from a variety of materials. For automatic operation please check our Operators section.

Sliding Gate

The alternative to swing gates is sliding gate. These are traditionally seen in commercial establishments or places where there is not enough space for swing type gates. Becease these gates have good support structure they can be used for heavy duty use. These too can be automated for use. Please check our Operators section.