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Our technical team at Al Bab has executed projects across all 7 Emirates successfully – on time and within budget. Having executed projects in various industries we bring with us our vast knowledge of industry specific knowledge and seek to contribute right from the planning stage. Choosing the right door for the right purpose can be an underwhelming experience if one does not know what options to choose from. Combine this with the wrong choice of automation and a misguided choice of secure access system and you will have an end product that is both ungainly and unusable. Not so if you have Al Bab on your side.

These are some of the projects executed by our team so far:

  • Hotel in Dubai: Installed sliding glass doors for main entrance and rolling shutters for delivery entrances
  • Leading university in Dubai: Installed traffic barriers and sliding glass doors
  • Villa residential complex in all 7 emirates: Installed garage doors, swing doors and sliding gate
  • Commercial buildings in all 7 emirates: Installed traffic barriers and rolling shutters
  • Retail outlets in all 7 emirates: Installed sliding glass doors
  • Logistics company in Sharjah: Installed traffic barrier and sliding gate
  • Cement factory in Abu Dhabi and Ras al-Khaimah: Installed rolling shutters, sliding gates and traffic barriers
  • Fujairah: Installed sliding glass doors and traffic barriers


We specialize in providing solutions for automating access control. From deciding on when to use remote control switch based automatic door control to the use of hi-tech retina scanner based secure entry, we do it all. So far we have installed the following technologies successfully:

  • Secure access entry for sliding doors using swipe card technology
  • Secure access using biometric technology like retina and fingerprint scan
  • Secure access using signature recognition technology
  • Proximity sensor