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Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters provide an economical and practical solution to secure access to most commercial establishments. They can roll down when needed and with the right design, can be made to disappear when not needed.

Both aluminium and galvanised steel slats provides choices for strength, durability, aesthetics and ease of operation. They not only provide a solid security barrier but also provide insulation from light, air,heat and noise.

Rolling shuttters can be operated manually (with and without crank mechanism), electrically and can also be fitted with a battery solution for those applications where high operational availibility is critical.

Manually Operated Rolling Shutters

The most affordable option is manual roller shutters. These shutters will still function when the power is out and do not need to be charged up. We provide our clients a wide range of options with respect to the size of shutters, desired profile, material, side guides, support brackets, fittings and control technology.

Eelectric Rolling Shutters

For people who tend to be on the move and don’t have time to hand wind the shutters, our range of electric shutters is the ideal solution. Our electric shutters open and close quickly and do not require charging. They are typically hard wired to a wall switch, however they can be remote controlled. The shutters can be operated with motor even when there is a power failure by the use of fully integrated brakes and declutching switch. These shutters have a high level quality and are durable. These shutters mostly use in malls, industries, shops & garage for extended safety and convenience.

Battery Powered Rolling Shutters

If you are in a fire prone area or blackouts are more frequent than other areas this type of rolling shutter will be a perfect choice. Remote controlled battery powered roller shutters will still function when the powers out, that way if there is a fire, you will be able to raise the shutters and leave your home safely. The other benefit is the installation process is safer and there is no risk of interfering with your internal electrical circuit. We use the best tubular motors in the market to exceed the expectations of our customers.